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Google will use office space in Poland to support Ukrainian refugees

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People fleeing the Russian invasion of Ukraine wait to board a bus during snowfall after crossing the border from Ukraine to Poland at the border checkpoint in Medyka, Poland, March 7, 2022.
Fabrizio Bensch | Reuters

Google will use office space and offer other resources in Poland to Ukrainian refugees, the company announced Monday.

The company will use its Startups Campus in Warsaw as a space for local non-governmental organizations to provide legal and psychological services to refugees, Google said. Google last week promised $25 million in aid, including $10 million for local organizations helping Ukrainian refugees in Poland. It also said it’s helping to protect from cyberattacks.

“As the needs of those affected by the war change, we will be looking at other ways in which we can help,” the company said in a press release.

Several major companies have pledged support to Ukrainian refugees since the war began. For example, Airbnb last week promised to house 100,000 Ukrainian refugees, and Uber has offered free rides between the Ukraine-Poland border.

Google, which opened its first Polish office 15 years ago, has offices in two Polish cities: Warsaw and Wroclaw. It also said Monday it plans to further expand in Warsaw by investing $700 million in the purchase and development of a new office complex.

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